TechSARIGA - integration of VCONSOL® engine to provide online music education

TechSARIGA is a techno-musical venture providing online music classes to individuals across the world through their dedicated website & APP. They offer individual vocal & instrumental training to the aspirants at their beginner & professional levels.
The Challenge

TechSariga face some unique challenges while providing online classes using their previous VC solution

  1. Varying bandwidth/ low bandwidth at the student side causing students to get cut off in between their classes
  2. Non-dependable/low voice clarity as most of the VC solutions gave only importance to video quality compared to voice quality
  3. Students spending a substantial amount as data cost other than the monthly fee paid
The Integration

TST team helped TechSariga to integrate the REST APIs to avail the following benefits

  1. As VCONSOL® uses MCU based technology, it uses low bandwidth compared to traditional VC services
  2. VCONSOL® offers HD quality video and gives priority to voice clarity even when the internet speed suffers at the student side
  3. Less data spent on VC classes compared to traditional VC solutions

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