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Our Products Define Our Capabilities & Ambitions

Since our inception, we have been pushing the limits of a nascent technology that keeps some of the best talents in the world busy. We found the challenge and took on the task head on and today we are rewarded with results that get us recognized with products that bear our name and reflect our passion.

Technology Meets Human Ingenuity

We made some of the best tech products India has even seen.
And we made it with pride & hard work.


VCONSOL® Business

VCONSOL® Business is a comprehensive video conferencing and collaboration suite accessible in both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and On-Premises deployment options. It is highly customizable and can be integrated to any software system in practice. BharatVC is the largest running on-premise installation of VCONSOL Business which is meeting majority requirement of Govt. of India’s virtual meeting requirements. It is an interoperable meeting platform which ports all the legacy video conferencing equipments.


VCONSOL® Confirm

VCONSOL® Confirm is an innovative platform infused with artificial intelligence, utilizing real-time video streams to accurately detect and verify the actual presence of individuals. This cutting-edge solution has the potential to revolutionize attendance tracking, enhance security systems, and efficiently count event participants. With its advanced technology, VCONSOL Confirm offers a reliable and effective approach to monitor and authenticate the presence of individuals in various environments.


VCONSOL® Consult

VCONSOL® Consult is a video-centric telemedicine system, specifically designed to facilitate convenient and smooth consultations with healthcare professionals and psychiatrists. This platform has been carefully developed to deliver healthcare services directly to patients' homes, prioritizing individuals who are unable to leave their beds, require palliative care, or are elderly.


VCONSOL® Virtual Court

VCONSOL® Virtual Court is a 100% made in India, role based custom made virtual courthouse. It uses the national award winning VCONSOL® VC engine to run court proceedings even at low internet speed. In VCONSOL® Courthouse any number of courtrooms can be created & supported.


VCONSOL® Learning and VoD

VCONSOL® Learning and Video on Demand platform is meticulously designed to provide robust management and protection for your video content, making it an ideal solution for educational institutions such as universities and colleges. Our platform enables you to effortlessly handle and distribute educational videos to your students, ensuring uninterrupted access in a secure learning environment.


VCONSOL® Virtual Police Station

VCONSOL® Virtual Police Station is an innovative law enforcement platform that leverages the capabilities of video technology. It enables individuals to lodge complaints by engaging in direct, face-to-face interactions with a police officer situated in a control room. To ensure the integrity of the process, the entire interaction is securely recorded. Subsequently, the recorded video is forwarded to the appropriate police station, where it serves as vital evidence for initiating a First Information Report (FIR).



VCONSOL® Vigil is an exceptional real-time video engine that harnesses web-based video technology and advanced AI algorithms to provide unparalleled accuracy in monitoring elections or events. This intelligent solution incorporates anomaly detection capabilities powered by AI, enabling the system to automatically identify and alert users of any suspicious incidents or irregularities that may arise during the electoral process. By seamlessly integrating AI technology, VCONSOL Vigil offers improved monitoring and analysis, guaranteeing the integrity and transparency of elections or events.

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