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Techgentsia Software Technologies Private Limited is a premier real-time communication & collaboration, technology consulting and business process services company based in Kerala, India. Since 2009, we are focussing on research and development in VC endpoints, MCUs, gateways & protocols while bringing out the best in multiparty video conferencing- relying on human potential, intuition and ingenuity.


{Brick by brick, code by code}

Technology historians mark the invention of the internet as one of the greatest inventions of mankind, right next to the invention of the wheel, fire, the light bulb & internal combustion engine. With the internet suddenly we have something that connected computers and people. The widespread acceptance & availability of the internet revolutionized the way humans lived, communicated and entertained themselves. Now it is possible to communicate with anyone across the globe almost instantaneously and the power of written text was slowly getting out shadowed by the possibilities offered by sound and video.

Techgentsia Software Technologies Private Limited in the late 2000s found this as an awesome opportunity and invested its time and resources in two future-proof domains - infotainment/ game development and internet communication & collaboration. The company later shifted its focus completely to internet communication & collaboration as the domain offered more growth potential with less number of competent players across the globe.

It took a while to attain traction as the technology was nascent. But Techgentsia’s dedication & perseverance paid off in 2013 when the company could develop a software-based multiparty video communication solution that will be soon considered to be a disruption in the video conferencing industry. This helped Techgentsia bag a few rewarding contracts from UK & Europe, which in turn helped the company to become a premier R&D company in the internet communication & collaboration domain.

Meanwhile, the company's success as one of the leading players in the industry has attracted the local talent pool and the team started growing. By the end of 2019 Techgentsia has a strong 70-member team, most of them with years of experience and a passion to make it big in the industry.

During the pandemic season in 2020, Techgentsia got into the spotlight and became an overnight national sensation by winning the coveted “Innovation Challenge for Development of Video Conferencing Solution” challenge put forward by the Ministry of electronics & information technology, India. Techgentsia’s multiparty video conferencing solution VCONSOL® is now branded as BharatVC by the Indian government and is hosted on the NIC cloud by the MeitY.

Following BharatVC’s success, the state government of Kerala pondered deploying VCONSOL® as Kerala state’s own branded VC solution as such a decision will leverage the concept promoted by the progressive state which has already declared ‘Right to Internet Access’ as a fundamental right. By the end of March 2022, the Kerala cabinet has decided to adopt VCONSOL® as Kerala Government's official video conferencing solution. The solution will be used extensively by the state government to conduct its high-level meetings and conferences. The implementation and administration of the solution are managed by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission (KSITM) in association with the Department of Information Technology, the Government of Kerala.

Currently, Techgentsia’s VCONSOL is a recognized & trusted brand name across Indian public sector boardrooms, thanks to the support rendered by various state governments, authorities and the ministry of electronics & telecommunications, India.

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We are a company dedicated to use technology for the betterment of mankind. We strive for a better tomorrow by incorporating human ingenuity with technology, introduce new products and services while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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We believe that technology can hugely impact society when its available as a change catalyst and we are optimistic about the influence of technology & internet on humanity.

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